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Considering Size And Bolt Pattern Before Buying New Wheels

If you have recently purchased a pickup truck and want to customize your vehicle, then you may start looking for new wheels and rims as soon as possible. There are hundreds of wheels that you can consider, but you do not want to rush out to the local auto store to purchase the wheels just yet. You will need to take some things into consideration before making the purchase.

Tire Size

Large rims may make your truck stand out, but larger rims also mean bigger tires. The bigger the tire, the more money you will spend on replacements. An average SUV or pickup truck all-season tire will cost anywhere from $60 to $350. If you go with a 15" variety, then you are probably going to spend up to $160 for a long lasting brand name tire. If you want 20" tires, then you may spend up to $300. This is almost double the cost, so you should consider this when thinking about the wheels you want. Also, you are likely to pay more at the pump if you pick out bigger tires. Big tires simply weigh more and require more fuel to move. Also, they will create more resistance when rolling along the road and this will make your truck work harder to retain its speed. 

While bigger wheels will cost more and cause you to spend more on gas, they will be wider. This means more traction on the road and better grip and handling. If you live in a cold winter area where ice and snow are likely to build on the road, then the bigger and wider wheels will provide you with optimal safety. They also are a good choice if you like off-roading or if you drive in mountain areas. 

If you do want to off-road or drive in areas where your truck is likely to get quite muddy, then opt for steel rims that will better resist wear and tear from dirt and debris.

Bolt Pattern

Before you can go out and purchase new wheels, you will need to make sure they are able to fit onto your truck properly. Your truck will have a series of threaded studs or lugs that extend out from the axle of the vehicle. The studs connect the wheel to the car with the help of lug nuts. Your wheels will have openings that allow the studs to slip through the wheel. However, if you choose a wheel that does not match the number and position of the studs, then you will notice open holes in the middle of the rim. This is not aesthetically pleasing. 

To make sure that you purchase the right Rohana wheels, you will need to look at the position of the studs. This is called the bolt pattern, and you will need to communicate this pattern when buying the wheels. Remove the wheel from your car to assess the pattern, then count the number of lugs that you see. You should notice four, five, six, or eight lugs. You will need to measure between the lugs to find the diameter of the circle that the studs create. If you see four, six, or eight studs, then measure between two parallel studs on the circle.

If there are five studs, then use a permanent marker to draw a curved line between each stud. Your mark should connect the middle of each stud so you end up with a circle. Take a ruler and measure from the middle of the top stud downward until you reach the mark you made. Your measurements should be in millimeters. When you go to order your wheels use the measurements to describe the size you need. For example, you may have four lugs with 80 millimeters between the lugs. You will need to look for a 4x80 rims.