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Choosing The Right Trailer Hitch

Having the ability to use your vehicle to tow a trailer can make it easier to move loads from one location to the next. In order to ensure that your towing activities are safe and efficient, you must have the right hitch installed on your vehicle.

Here are three tips that you can use to determine which type of hitch you will need to meet your towing demands in the future.

1. Calculate the average weight of your loads.

Before you can invest in the right type of hitch for your vehicle, you need to know how heavy the loads you expect to tow on a regular basis will be. Loads that are lightweight won't require access to a heavy-duty hitch, while heavier loads will need a strong hitch that won't compromise the stability of the tow vehicle.

Knowing how heavy your loads are will help you determine the best hitch to install on your tow vehicle.

2. Know which type of hitch works best with your trailer.

The type of trailer you plan to tow with your vehicle can play a key role in determining which type of hitch you should invest in. If your trailer is of the bumper-pull variety, then you will need a hitch that attaches to the bumper of your vehicle.

If your trailer has a gooseneck attachment point, then a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer hitch that is installed in the bed of your tow truck will be required.

3. Install a hitch that is compatible with your vehicle's tow rating.

Vehicle manufacturers issue tow ratings, which provide guidelines that allow for safe towing. These ratings can be sorted by vehicle year, the make, and the model. These tow ratings let drivers know how much weight their vehicles can safely tow without the threat of engine or transmission failure. When you invest in a hitch that matches your vehicle's tow rating, you ensure that you can maximize your towing capacity as you transport a loaded trailer in the future.

Selecting the right trailer hitch for your tow vehicle can be a challenge. If you need help, you can talk with a professional, like Major Tire & Hitch Inc. By using the average weight of your loads, the hitch setup on your trailer, and your vehicle's tow rating as a guide, you will be able to determine which type of trailer hitch will be best suited to meet your long-term needs.