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Are You Ready For New Tires?

You will likely replace your car tires at least a few times during the ownership of your vehicle, especially if you drive many miles daily or are typically hard on your car. It doesn't matter if you drive a truck, SUV, smaller sedan, or even a compact car, you will have to replace tires eventually. But knowing when you're ready for new tires can be more difficult than you think.

Are you ready for new tires on your car? Use this guide to help you. When you're ready to put new tires on your car, your local tire shop will be happy to assist you in selecting and placing your new car tires.

Your tires are worn out

If you have your tires rotated as recommended by your tire specialist, they may wear out more evenly than if you don't have this service done on a regular basis. Your tires may show signs of wear by being bald in one or more areas or being bumpy in some spots instead of smooth. You may also notice that tread is less noticeable in the tires.

If one or more of your tires appear to be worn, talk to your tire specialist about having your tires rotated, your car aligned, or having your tires replaced. If your tires wear out easily and frequently, have your vehicle inspected to see if you have a strut or alignment issue that is causing tire wear.

Your brakes are worn out

Tires and brakes often work together so much that if one starts to wear out, the other may as well. If your brakes are starting to wear out, then your tires may have more pressure placed on them, which can lead to tire wear and tear.

Your tires are older

How old are your tires? Can you remember the last time you had your tires inspected or replaced? Are your tires original to your vehicle? Tires will have to be replaced at some point no matter what brand they are or how much you paid for them. If your tires are very old, then it may be time to upgrade them, particularly if you are planning on selling your car or trading in your vehicle in the near future.

Your tires should always be replaced by a professional tire specialist. When you buy new tires, get a warranty on them so you can replace them as needed and have them protected against premature wear.